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Societal Innovation is our act of faith.

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bluenove is proud to announce our merger with the Canadian pioneer in collective intelligence. Click here to learn more.


Open Innovation

Involve both your ecosystem of stakeholders, both internal and external, to create dynamic collaborative innovation.

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Collective Intelligence

Co-create the strategic plan of a company with the help of thousands of people, co-imagine the future of a city involving all its citizens

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Smartsourcing is the convergence of expert sourcing and collective intelligence. Work with 10-15 experts on emerging issues.

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Client testimonials

Throughout the mission the bluenove team showed high quality collaboration skills. They were receptive to our needs and were able to quickly understand the issues of a company like ours. This allowed us to implement a coherent and flexible open innovation program in a very short time.

Nadège Heraud-Chevé

Open Innovation Strategy & Direction, Partnerships & Innovation, Groupe Humanis

If I had to describe the bluenove team in a few words, I would say friendly, flexible, and perfectly in tune with the changing needs that arise during a project. I particularly liked the fact that the team showed a command of new challenges, which often led us beyond a simple consultant/client relationship.

Astrid Froment

Innovation Manager, Pernod Ricard Holding

Using bluenove’s experience as a starting point we built on their knowledgable contributions and humility. Their methodologies and artful combination of theory and practice, and the innovative way they view reality allowed us to quickly find a structured and well-balanced road to success.

Thierry Prouteau

Head of General Mission Directorate , GRDF

Recent articles

Are women key to better collective intelligence?

The idea that some people are possess a higher level of general intellect than others, that some people are simply smarter than others, has been accepted in psychology for more than a century. But the new question has become, does this principle apply to groups as well? Are some groups simply smarter than others? If they are, imagine the ramifications for our legal system. Are some juries smarter than others? A group of MIT researchers set about to investigate this question of the relative intelligence of teams. They found that on average, groups that did well on one task did well on others as well. This is the same logic behind the finding that some people are generally smarter than others. If someone has a wide vocabulary, they are more likely to be better at math despite the two tasks being considered independent. Basically, some of the teams were smarter than others. It would follow then that teams with more smart people are smarter as well, right? Wrong. When the researchers began to dissect what exactly it is that makes some teams smarter they whittled it down to the following three factors: All members contributed equally; no one or two people dominated the conversation Members of smarter teams scored higher on tests that evaluated the ability of people to read complex emotional states from images in which only the eyes were visible Teams with more women tended to outperform teams with fewer women. Notably, equity among genders wasn’t desirable so much as having the most women possible. Basically, emotional intelligence and social sensitivity are the two key drivers behind...

Direct democracy

This week we’ve been working hard on the launch of our collective intelligence software, Assembl. We have a few large projects kicking off and the preparation has got us thinking about its applications for direct democracy. It turns out many people aren’t aware of the concept or how it can be applicable to them in their lives. We wanted to share this video to help spread the word!     What do you think of direct democracy? Let us know in the comments...

Plaidoyer d’un entrepreneur pour l’intelligence collective

Je suis fier d’annoncer la création d’un nouveau siège social à Montréal. Le fruit de la fusion entre bluenove, leader français du conseil en innovation collaborative, et Clouds, pionnier québécois de l’intelligence collective en ligne. L’opération s’est effectuée avec le soutien du Fonds de travailleurs Fondaction qui investit près de 2 millions de dollars dans cette startup québéco-française. Ses équipes réunissent 35 consultants et développeurs. La nouvelle entité bluenove Group opèrera depuis Paris et Montréal. Cette levée de fonds marque ainsi la naissance d’un leader francophone à l’ambition internationale visant à développer des solutions d’intelligence collective au sein des entreprises, des collectivités (municipalités et territoires) et des acteurs de la société civile. Sur le plan personnel, je ne peux que me féliciter de l’ancrage montréalais d’une nouvelle équipe maîtrisant des savoir-faire encore émergents, entre co-résolution en ligne de problématiques managériales ou sociétales complexes, sourcing d’experts aux profils atypiques partout dans le monde et marchés prédictifs fondés sur la sagesse des foules. En tant que chef d’entreprise, je suis porteur d’une conviction. J’en appelle à une vision renforcée de la gestion participative au sein des entreprises québécoises. J’en appelle aux décideurs qui commencent à ouvrir les processus d’innovation à certains des acteurs externes de leur écosystème, clients ou fournisseurs, bientôt usagers finaux, ONG ou communautés de pratiques. J’en appelle aux dirigeants d’entreprises qui mentionnent, dans la lignée de certains de leurs homologues européens, l’idée audacieuse d’ouvrir leurs données à l’extérieur. J’en appelle en somme à l’industrie québécoise tout entière, qui ne peut ni ne doit être supplantée par des grands groupes ou des PME américaines, européennes ou asiatiques ayant recours...


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