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Are women key to better collective intelligence?

The idea that some people are possess a higher level of general intellect than others, that some people are simply smarter than others, has been accepted in psychology for more than a century. But the new question has become, does this principle apply to groups as... read more

Direct democracy

This week we’ve been working hard on the launch of our collective intelligence software, Assembl. We have a few large projects kicking off and the preparation has got us thinking about its applications for direct democracy. It turns out many people aren’t... read more

Michelin interviews bluenove CEO Martin Duval

President & CEO of bluenove Group MCB: BLUENOVE HAS BEEN A PRECURSOR IN TERMS OF OPEN INNOVATION. COULD YOU EXPLAIN WHAT OPEN INNOVATION IS AND WHAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED? Martin Duval, President & COO of bluenove Group MD: The Open Innovation movement originated... read more

Profession : interprète social

Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! Plus de 2 millions de références sur Google à la mention anglaise « Social Entrepreneur ». 133 millions à la mention « Entrepreneur » tout court. 70 fois plus. Seulement. Seulement 70 fois plus, quand on sait combien le statut... read more

Innovation sociale : entre buzz et apartheid

Difficile, par les temps qui courent, d’échapper à la nouvelle obsession qui s’est emparée des discours programmatiques de nos élites internationales. De Barack Obama (« Social Innovation Fund ») à Bill Gates (« Creative Capitalism »), de David Cameron (« The Big... read more