“3 propositions. Endless innovations.”


Open Innovation

Involve both your internal and external ecosystem in a process of dynamic collaborative innovation… This is the challenge that is being taken on by more and more companies around the world. bluenove has developed various support systems to encourage the emergence of an open and dynamic innovation culture.

  • Change management 60%
  • Innovative methodologies 40%
  • Increase in innovation capacity 100%

Collective Intelligence

Co-design the strategic plan of your company with the help and ideas of thousands of people. Co-imagine the future of a city in collaboration with all its citizens. The potential of collective intelligence is boundless and is evolving day by day. bluenove has developed a solution that can bring the process to you.

  • Methodology 50%
  • Software 50%
  • Inspiration 100%
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Smartsourcing is the convergence of expert sourcing and collective intelligence. The process involves identifying a dozen experts on an emerging topic, a topic that is not easily tackled with traditional knowledge. Not crowdsourcing, not traditional consulting. A dozen unconventional experts working on the problems of the future. No more, no less.

  • Expert sourcing 40%
  • Collective intelligence 60%
  • Radical innovation 100%

Our values

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