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Open Innovation concerns the ability of companies and organizations to involve all relevant players in from its ecosystem in its process of innovation. The ecosystem of a given company involves external actors such as customers, suppliers, research laboratories, universities, SMEs, startups, and large companies in the industry. The process can also appeal to experts on topics slightly outside their normal area of expertise, either individuals interested in new topics, or companies interested in projects outside their natural ecosystem.

Open Innovation can strengthen existing relationships with the actors of the natural ecosystem of a company such as suppliers, customers, research laboratories in the same sector or even competing ones. It can also create new links, transient or permanent, with players who are outside the scope of partners known to the organization at the time the Open Innovation project was launched.



This model of 7 axes represents the key things that need to be put into place in order to define the types of tools, devices, methods and actions that must be implemented in order to best take advantage of the benefits of Open Innovation. Each axis is oriented internally, toward employees, and externally, toward stakeholders resulting in 14 axes in total.

7 axes Open Innovation - bluenove

In implementing most of the 7 axes, a company considerably increases the chances of developing an open and collaborative dynamic and sustainable innovation culture.