From Vision 2030 to Vision 2021: The Decathlon adventure

For seven months, Decathlon gave its 92,000 employees as well as its customers and partners the opportunity to participate in writing its vision for 2030. A hybrid approach open to all which took place both during workshops around the world and on the multilingual collective intelligence platform: “Decathlon Vision 2030”. Working with this company, known for its agility and innovative talents, was an extraordinary human adventure.

Imagine 2030

Imagine 2030 ENGIE: a strategic conversation open to 150,000 employees

In June 2018, ENGIE launched an online discussion open to all employees of the group: Imagine 2030. In addition to the platform, each manager could to organize face-to-face meetings with his teams, and each employee could interview a client to bring the debate to life. From June to October 2018, the Imagine 2030 initiative brought…