Behind the scenes of the Skema 2021 Hackathon: the transformation of pedagogy in Higher Education (part one)

The Skema 2021 hackathon has been invited to the table of the next-gen pedagogical innovations both by the ambition of the subject it has chosen to address (inclusive organizations). Moreover, the massive collective intelligence methods used to accompany 780 students from the Bachelor 3 class of the Grandes Écoles program. Behind the scenes of the Skema 2021 Hackathon!

atelier dexperience

How to design and run your digital workshops

Using an array of digital tools and methods adapted to diverse needs, bluenove has helped public and private players adopt innovative practises through more than 150 virtual workshops, bringing together dozens or even hundreds of participants. You need to create a virtual collective intelligence workshop for your organisation? Discover some of our top tips !

Do Tank Territoires

Circular Challenge “Do Tank” by CITEO

bluenove has been working hand-in-hand with CITEO’s Innovation Department for the last 5 years. CITEO created an open innovation programme, Circular Challenge, to detect, test and accelerate innovative solutions contributing to a circular economy for packaging and paper. Last session was 100% digital !

DATA and artificial intelligence Société Générale

Data & IA: more dialogue to drive innovation at Société Générale

In early 2020, Société Générale launched a Data & AI initiative across the subsidiaries in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin and Overseas. The aim? Raise collaborator awareness on these topics and create new tools for different business units. As part of this approach, bluenove helped Société Générale consult thousands of collaborators to find out how much…