DATA and artificial intelligence Société Générale

Data & IA: more dialogue to drive innovation at Société Générale

In early 2020, Société Générale launched a Data & AI initiative across the subsidiaries in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin and Overseas. The aim? Raise collaborator awareness on these topics and create new tools for different business units. As part of this approach, bluenove helped Société Générale consult thousands of collaborators to find out how much…

From Vision 2030 to Vision 2021: The Decathlon adventure

For seven months, Decathlon gave its 92,000 employees as well as its customers and partners the opportunity to participate in writing its vision for 2030. A hybrid approach open to all which took place both during workshops around the world and on the multilingual collective intelligence platform: “Decathlon Vision 2030”. Working with this company, known for its agility and innovative talents, was an extraordinary human adventure.

The Training Encounters: co-construction the first 100% connected edition of the IFCAM (Group Crédit Agricole’s University)

The Credit Agricole Group’s University (IFCAM) hosts the stakeholders for the group Crédit Agricole’s’ training through Encounters twice a year. This year, they were held the first Encounters organized and held 100% remotely! An excellent opportunity for the teams and responsible for training to assist to interactive plenary sessions and brainstorming workshops to (re)think the future of training.

Imagine 2030

Imagine 2030 ENGIE: a strategic conversation open to 150,000 employees

In June 2018, ENGIE launched an online discussion open to all employees of the group: Imagine 2030. In addition to the platform, each manager could to organize face-to-face meetings with his teams, and each employee could interview a client to bring the debate to life. From June to October 2018, the Imagine 2030 initiative brought…