Behind the scenes of the Skema 2021 Hackathon: the transformation of pedagogy in Higher Education (part one)

The Skema 2021 hackathon has been invited to the table of the next-gen pedagogical innovations both by the ambition of the subject it has chosen to address (inclusive organizations). Moreover, the massive collective intelligence methods used to accompany 780 students from the Bachelor 3 class of the Grandes Écoles program. Behind the scenes of the Skema 2021 Hackathon!

Alstom and Bombardier Transportation: making the most of employees’ collective intelligence to build a shared culture

Following the acquisition of the Canadian company Bombardier Transportation in early 2021, Alstom Transport launched a project to define a new cultural roadmap. The objective? Co-construct the group’s cultural strategy with as many employees as possible, so that it would be shared and embodied by the greatest number. bluenove and PwC supported Alstom in developing a tailored collective intelligence approach.