Why and how we redesigned the Assembl landing page

Using primarily a digitally-facilitated approach to collective intelligence, Assembl and its many modules and use-cases are the center of our product development. Through user interviews and design audits, we understood that we need to redesign the Assembl Landing, Ressources, and Summary pages.

A Stack to Build Collective Intelligence Technology

What is collective intelligence? Frank Escoubes, co-founder of the technology and consulting company Bluenove, describes it thus: “Collective intelligence starts in conversation and ends in engagement. From ideas to action. It is an art, a sport, a science, a culture, with a bit of magic. Call it enlightenment.” Put in the simplest terms possible, it’s the idea that we are more intelligent together than as individuals.

ISPIM & bluenove 2020 partnership

Bluenove and ISPIM are therefore partnering in 2020 to invite all innovation managers, practitioners, experts, academics already members of the ISPIM network as well as bluenove customers, and innovation management lovers worldwide to write or co-write stories to imagine what the future of innovation management