Citizen Participation

Foster debate for public decision-making

We are motivated by the desire to recreate spaces for debates, digital and physical agoras that return public, citizen-centric dialogue to the heart of democracy. The challenge is to collectively imagine desirable futures and prepare the ground for public decisions. We therefore develop approaches that foster massive citizen participation to help solve societal issues at a local, national and international level, drawing on the collective intelligence of all stakeholders.

These approaches are designed to:

Imagine desirable futures

Qualify citizens’ expectations and organize the debate around identified tensions

Identify and analyze feasible options

Co-develop proposals to submit to public decision-makers

Involve communities in implementing societal transformations

Guillaume-Alexandre Collin

Our clients testimonials

Ronan Citizen participant to Tomorrow's cities and regions
"Well done for organizing this citizen debate. It’s the most democratic event I’ve ever attended in France (...). It’s an excellent idea that should be extended to all ministries, as well as at a local level, every year in order to have a complete database that is updated and completely transparent."
Lara Tobin
Lara Tobin Manager, French Bureau of Sustainable Operational Planning
"The debate was organised over time with different phases, which allowed us to move beyond stereotypes about tomorrow’s cities and regions"