Drive your organization's transformation by motivating and involving all stakeholders

We believe in the benefits of dialogue and bringing together all internal and external stakeholders to drive a lasting, inclusive, operational and impactful transformation. With our clients, we develop the most adapted approach to collective intelligence for your organization’s specific challenges, rhythm and culture.

Our approaches enable us to co-define over 2-3 months:

A transformation plan to identify priority projects to develop

A new organisational structure and processes, particularly in the context of a merger

An operational roadmap (e.g. HR, R&D, marketing, purchasing)

A new management model

A cost optimization plan

Maxime Barbier

Our clients testimonials

Sylvie Ferreira Neto
Sylvie Ferreira Neto Communication Manager - e.SNCF
"Today, we want to embody co-construction based on collective intelligence and the desire to combine physical encounters with digital tools."
Valérie Gaudart and Nicolas Rolland Director of Culture and Communities and Director of Engie University
"We believe in the power of transversality, diversity and collectively analyzing trends in order to innovate usefully, learn together and engage talents. bluenove helped us develop “Engie People’s lab”, a think-do tank promoting a fairer society where we are pioneers for vast societal challenges. bluenove contributed to the success of this initiative as a collective intelligence expert."